Research Award Frédéric Nabki

February 15, 2016

Frédéric Nabki holds a Bachelor’s Degree (2003) and a PhD in Electrical Engineering (2010) from McGill University. He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science since 2008, where he teaches microelectronics engineering.

Since there were no graduate programs in this field at UQAM, Frédéric Nabki took part, from the very beginning of his career, in the establishment, in collaboration with the École de technologie supérieure, of a Extension of Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Management Agreement for Doctoral Students in Engineering, which was completed in 2012. Her research has so far led to 12 (several granted) patent applications, 61 refereed papers and two book chapters.

A member of the Center for Research on Nanomaterials and Energy (NanoQAM), he is also a founding member of the Center for Institutional Research in Microsystems Design and Manufacturing (CoFaMic), of which he is associate director.

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