Photonic Devices Design and Characterization

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows positions available. The advancement of microfabrication technologies has triggered a revolution in the design of optical devices since it is now possible to produce systems with complex functionality on a single chip. Just as the advent of integrated electronic circuits enabled the widespread use of electronics, the development of integrated optics, especially silicon photonics, can reduce substantially the cost of advanced photonic devices. These systems will find applications in telecommunications, medicine, life and environmental sciences. Many challenges remain to be solved to fully exploit the potential of integrated photonic systems, which is why Professor Ménard is looking for motivated PhD and masters students wishing to innovate in a fast-growing sector. You will have the opportunity to work on advanced research projects and also on developments in collaboration with industry. Descriptions of current projects are available here in the photonics section. Our research group is actively collaborating with neighboring institutions and is active in the most important associations in the field so you will be able to expand your network of contacts. Interested individuals trained in microelectronic engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics or physics are encouraged to submit their resume to Professor Ménard at