About Micro²

(left) Prof. Frederic Nabki et (right) Prof. Michaël Menard, co-founders of the Micro² Laboratory

Research at the Microtechnology and Microsystems Laboratory (Micro²) is oriented towards the creation of advanced microsystems that will enable tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies. The rapid evolution of electronics has transformed the world and brought us into the information age. To sustain the digital revolution, integrated circuits will evolve into integrated systems that will take advantage of mechanical, optical and of course electrical phenomena at the micro and nano scale to monitor, control, process and broadcast information about their surroundings. The Micro² regroups a unique set of expertise that makes possible the investigation and implementation of radical new integrated system concepts. In addition to an in depth knowledge of microfabrication processes, the leaders of the Micro² have extensive experience in the design and characterisation of electronic, optical and mechanical system-on-chips. To our students, it means that they will be exposed to multi-disciplinary challenges that will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of microsystems and a large set of valuable skills. To our collaborators, it means a partner with the tools to go out the narrow beaten path of standardized processes; with the ability to innovate. Moreover, we are located at the hearth of one of the most vibrant and creative city in North America and our students beneficiate from the most accessible higher education system on the continent.


The École de Technologie Supérieure is…

  • Research of international caliber.
  • One of the largest engineering schools / faculties in Canada (2nd largest number of engineering students).
  • Programs focused on practice and experimentation.
  • Integration of entrepreneurship concepts into training.
  • Programs that meet current and future industry needs.
  • State-of-the-art training for technological and societal needs.
  • Access to about twenty scientific clubs: IEEE, robotics, racing car, solar boat, amphibious all-terrain vehicle, human powered submarine, etc. Student members of these clubs participate in various international competitions.
  • ETS maintains a unique partnership with business and industry, both with large companies and SMEs, locally and internationally.