Researchers and graduate students positions available. Miniaturization and integration are the advancements that have propelled the growth of microelectronics and enabled the design of increasingly complex devices Download the Raspberry Pi operating system. As part of their research program, Professors Ménard and Nabki work to expand the capabilities and applications of microsystems by creating devices integrating optical, mechanical and electronic components cmd. This requires the development of innovative manufacturing processes to successfully combine the different modes of operation. We are therefore looking for postdoctoral researchers, master’s students and doctoral candidates interested in participating in multidisciplinary research projects on manufacturing microsystems techniques Mongolian Ping Pong. In particular, we currently drive a major effort on the development of planar micro- electromechanical mirrors with applications in data centers networks. Interested individuals trained in microelectronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and/or with experience in a clean room are encouraged to submit a CV to Professor Ménard (