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    Funding for an Infrastructure to Develop Microsystems and Nanotechnologies

Funding for an Infrastructure to Develop Microsystems and Nanotechnologies

A research project led by Professor Ricardo Izquierdo with Professor Frederic Nabki as a collaborator from Micro² is one of Quebec’s 34 research infrastructure projects selected under the 2015 Innovation Competition of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Entitled “Platform for design, characterization and integration of nanoscale devices in […]

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    Ambitious Technological Collaboration in the Telecommunications Sector

Ambitious Technological Collaboration in the Telecommunications Sector

UQAM, Aeponyx, NSERC and Aligo Innovation: an ambitious technological collaboration in the telecommunications sector

March 9, 2015 – Michaël Ménard and Frédéric Nabki, professors in the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Science at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and their partner Aeponyx are launching a project that addresses the challenges posed by telecommunications network congestion. Caused […]

Conference : MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems

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    Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions – AEPONYX Collaboration

Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions – AEPONYX Collaboration

The Micro2 Laboratory, which specializes in the design and fabrication of advanced microsystems, is launching a new research program in collaboration with company AEPONYX to create novel optical transceivers. AEPONYX is a dynamic start-up offering wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON) solutions to data centers and access network […]

FRQNT program for scholarships to foreign students

The FRQNT program for scholarships to foreign doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows or short-term research interns is open for the year 2015-2016.

Integrated Optical Telecommunication Devices

Our laboratory is collaborating on many initiative aimed at developing novel integrated optical devices that take advantages of the standardize silicon photonic fabrication processes now commercially available. In collaboration with colleagues at McGill University, we are investigating optical filters that tunable in both bandwidth and center wavelength for deployment […]

Ultrawideband transceivers for ultra-low power applications

This project involves the implementation of highly efficient and reconfigurable integrated circuits for robust ultra-wideband wireless transmission in applications that are highly sensitive to energy consumption (e.g., environmental sensors, biomedical implants).

Highly integrated MEMS-based timing circuits

This project involves the development of highly integrated oscillators using MEMS resonators and reconfigurable CMOS sustaining amplifiers.

Nonlinear Waveguides

All optical processing of telecommunication signals since it is transparent to modulation format and transmission speed. Furthermore, it enables parallel processing of multiple data streams. However, despite numerous laboratory demonstrations, all-optical processing is not used in commercial solutions. One of the major factors limiting its adoption is that it […]

Mechanically Tuned Laser Micro-cavity

The introduction of advanced services in data centers, such as cloud computing and virtualisation, is increasing the transmission speed requirement between users and computing facilities.  One emerging scheme to satisfy this demand is to leverage the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technologies developed for core transport networks.  However, to implement […]